Celeste Zugec

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Dear Tom:

My husband and I had an excellent mechanic, in Palgrave, Ontario, that we had been dealing with for over fifteen years. Since our 2008 move to Bradford, we have spent a lot of time searching for someone here that we could trust in the same way. We have taken our vehicles to a couple of mechanics in the area that not only overcharged us but also used inferior parts.

When we met you, we decided to give Drive True a go and we are both very happy that we did.  You took our all-wheel drive Pontiac Montana into the shop within twenty-four hours of my call, and seemed genuinely concerned that we were driving it with a gas leak.

I appreciated the prompt diagnostic and explanation on exactly where the leak was and, even though it was a Friday afternoon, that you would fix it and return it that day. I was also grateful for the drive home and then your return later so I could retrieve my vehicle.

Not only did Drive True fix a dangerous gas leak but, you also did some extra work on the gas line to make sure that we get a couple of extra years out of it.  In addition, you gave us useful information from the diagnostic about mechanical issues that will be showing up in a few months. You charged us the amount quoted and, I might add that, we know it was a very “fair rate” for fixing the leak.

We will be returning both our vehicles to Drive True for future service and have already recommended your shop to other people.  Thanks Tom and Drive True for a job well done and for being the “mechanic in town that we can trust.

Celeste Zugec

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